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Interesting Facts About Lincoln Cents

1. The cent is the only coin stamped onto pre-made blanks.

2. The Lincoln cent obverse design is the longest running United States coin design.

3. Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to appear a U.S. coin.

4. The Lincoln cent was the first U.S. cent to include the words "In God We Trust." The first US coin to have the motto "In God We Trust" was the two cent piece in 1864. Legislation approved in 1955 made the appearance of "In God We Trust" mandatory on all US coins."In God We Trust" didn't become the national motto of the United States until 1956.

5. The Lincoln cent's composition has changed 4 times since first appearing in 1909. It's current composition is 97.5 percent Zinc and 2.5 percent Copper.

6. The Lincoln cent's value is 1/100 of one dollar.

7. A roll of Lincoln cents contains 50 coins.

8. A mint bag of Lincoln cents contains 5000 coins.

9. There are seven different major reverse designs for the Lincoln cent.

10. The "W" mint mark does not appear on any Lincoln cents, but cents have been minted at West Point.

11. The Lincoln cent was the only circulating US coin that had the president's profile facing to the right side of the coin until the new Jefferson Nickel design was released in 2003.

12. The 1944 Belgium 2 franc coins were struck at the US mint using the same planchets used for the 1943 Steel Lincoln cents.

13. A bag of 5000 Copper cents weighs 34.28 pounds, the same size bag of Zinc cents weighs 27.55 pounds.

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