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Elongated Lincoln Cents

The first elongated coins were seen at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. They are made using a real one cent coin. To make an elongated cent, the cent is placed in between metal rollers that flatten and stretch out the coin. The flattened piece of metal is then stamped with a logo or whatever else is wanted as a design.

Charles Damm is one of the first elongated coin designers known, he created the design for elongated cents for the Pan American Exposition in 1901.

Elongated cents are not something that is highly sought after by coin collectors, but more of a novelty item. Many times people will find tham at fairs or carnivals, sometimes made to commemorate special occasions. Once a coin has been rolled out into an elongated cent, it has lost all numismatic value it may have had. Earlier elongated cents are valued by exonumia collectors, and sought after by collectors of world's fair memorabilia. Below are some examples of elongated cents.

It's not unusual to see penny roller machines in arcades and shopping malls today. For a small fee you can make your very own elongated cent.

1933 Worlds Fair Elongated Cent

Photo By Heritage Auction Galleries

1910 Atlantic City G.A.R 44

Photo By Heritage Auction Galleries

1915 San Francisco

Photo By Heritage Auction Galleries

New York Worlds Fair

Photo By Heritage Auction Galleries

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Photo By Sean O'Connell

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