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2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cents

In 2009, the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, the reverse of the Lincoln cent changed. 2009 also saw the first Copper cent minted since 1982. They weren't issued for general circulation, only in the government issued mint and proof sets.

The 2009 Lincoln cents have 4 different reverse designs.

Presidency Lincoln Cent Presidency Lincoln Cent
Presidency Lincoln Cent Presidency Lincoln Cent

There are 20 different varieties of the 2009 Lincoln cent.

Business Strike Mintage Figures

The total mintage of the 2009 business strikes was 2,354,000,000, which is less than half of the previous year's total mintage of 5,419,200,000.

Proof Strike Mintage Figures

The 2009 Proof cents were minted in San Francisco and bear the "S" mint mark.

Low Mintage Cents

In the Fall of 2009, the mint began offering Uncirculated Coin Sets which included all four Lincoln cent designs from each of the two mints, Denver and Philadelphia. These cents differed from the regular business strikes because they were made of the original alloy used in Lincoln cents from 1909 to 1942, which was 95% copper alloy, 3% zinc and 2% tin. There were only 784,614 sets made which makes each of these cents the second lowest mintage of a non-proof, copper alloy coin in the series. The only lower mintage being for the 1909-S V.D.B. cent. Considering the low mintage of these coins, they could prove to be key dates in the Lincoln cent series.

Doubled Dies

2009 also saw it's share of doubled dies. To date, there are over 100 known doubled dies for this year.

Doubled Die

To learn more about the 2009 doubled die cents, click here

2009 Wrong Metal Errors

There have been rumours of 2009-S Proof cents minted on Zinc planchets, but as of this writing, none have been authenticated.

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