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1922 Lincoln Cents

In 1922, all Lincoln cents were produced at the Denver mint, so they all should carry the D mint mark, but they don't. There were 4 different die pairs that produced cents without the D mint mark or with a very weak D mint mark. Die number 2 always produced a cent with no mint mark and is the most sought after.

Total mintage of 1922 cents is 7,160,000

No nickels, dimes, quarters, or half dollars were produced in 1922 and with Denver being the only mint to produce cents, it was forced to use over worked dies. On die pairs 1,3, and 4, the mint mark became clogged with grease and dirt. As it became increasingly filled, the die produced a weaker D until finally the mint mark vanished altogether. That is why we have weak D mint marks and no mint mark at all from the same die pairs. These same dies have weak reverses as a result of being worn from over use.

Die pair number 2 was the result of a normal set of dies that clashed together causing the reverse die to be damaged so badly that it had to be replaced and the obverse die was polished so much that the mint mark was buffed away. Cents from this die have a worn, polished obverse and a strong reverse with no trace of a mint mark, this is the most sought after of all the 1922 no D cents.

Most experts recognize 4 different varieties of the 1922 cent. The 1922-D with a full mint mark, 1922 Weak D, 1922 No D Weak Reverse,and 1922 No D Strong Reverse

The 1922 no D Lincoln cent is one of the most sought after and counterfeited cents of the series. Understanding what caused the weak D and no D cents will help you be able to spot a fake when you encounter it. A 1922 no D cent with a strong obverse and reverse is most likely the result of someone removing the mint mark from a 1922-D cent.

Use the images below as a reference to help you understand the differences between the strong and weak reverses, the weak D verses no D varieties and the normal 1922-D cents.

1922 Plain Lincoln Cent Strong Reverse

Photo By Heritage Auctions

1922 Plain Lincoln Cent Weak Reverse

Photo By Heritage Auctions

Photo By Heritage Auctions

1922-D Weak D Lincoln Cent

Photo By Heritage Auctions

1922-D Lincoln Cent

Photo By Heritage Auctions

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